When sleeping women wake, mountains move

A Chinese proverb says that “When sleeping women wake, mountains move”. I believe it’s very true, since most of the world are still ruled by heavenly and earthly patriarchy. As Mary Daly famously wrote in her 1973 book, Beyond God the Father, “If God is male then the male is God.” The image of a masculine transcendent God gives rise to and perpetuates patriarchal religious institutions as well as patriarchal political world ruling.

It’s like the tension and the anger is constant, the sex wars blooming, and feminists and female activists are fighting each other in battles of words with bad attitudes more than taking action together/together apart with love, understanding and mature dialogue, with the outcome of acting/becoming very macho them self. As I see it, these women are all still sleeping, but hopefully they will wake up instead of sleepwalking with one eye open.



I once met a very androgynous man in the BDSM community who said “I want to see women empowered feminine, not masculinized women”. I think I understood what he meant back then, but now I think I understand it deeper. I don’t think he is against masculine women, I think it’s about balance, not outer self expression.

I don’t believe in either feminine or the masculine above the other, but that a personal balance is everything (and not all about how we look, talk, walk or live). Since feminine attributes has been obligatory to women for so long and at the same time looked down at as “weaker” than masculine attributes demanded in men, it seems logical that a lot of woman and queers will react and rise above macho. But if they don’t get in a balance between the poles it easily gets out of control. No doubt about it’s still sexwartime, and it seems like the war is never ending.

It’s empowering to see how more and more people these days are realizing that the woman still ain’t free in the west either, and that feminine people and jobs in general are still underprivileged. Homophobes, misogynists and slut shamers still destructs and self destructs, along with a lot of unhealthy but natural overreactions and responses to both sexists and anti-pornography feminists who put pornography at the center of a feminist explanation of women’s oppression, and believe in a banning over supporting and understanding. It’s empowering to see the rise of sex positive feminists, and how more and more women in control are using eroticism as a form of activism and liberation-tool. I do feel from the bottom of my heart that all this are very needed in real life as well as the digital world where the uncensored naked woman (without any character of eroticism) is forbidden on most social media. But I pray to no God, but to humankind, to get in balance and stop fighting for their egos against each other all the time, dictating right and wrong for everyone in personal matters.

Mother Earth is cracking up and we need to save her life with love.

All children are made by a mother and a father, and we need the principles of strong, fair and loving mothers and fathers to take action, not worshiping the male or the female while demonizing the other, or reject the existence of the sexes and normal and abnormal sexuality. It all exists in nature, do not out-think nature. Nature wins.

Let that be wisdom.





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