I believe in self-love-first, that when you learn to love yourself first (it took me many years), your love for other people will become more and more pure, and lead you into freedom in every aspect of life.
No more toxic relationships of any kind, for fake safety and fake feelings of being loved, adored, valued with without 100% respect. With that said, we must accept that some love-relations has one big ass battle, or more, worthy to fight, to figure out if it’s really love (no matter what people say). And with that said, no more BS.
I’ll take my selfies with pride, to see and show off how me and my life developes with time, honor my memories, and let the haters call me a narcissist, whore or both if they please (and love that as motivation too), as long as I know the difference between narcissism as a disease and healthy AND public self-management.

Selflove is a neverending task, and for many (including myself) it takes many years of therapy, selfeducation and understanding of what it means to have a (even big) ego as positive thing (unlike what most religions preach as negative) in touch with reality. I also came to believe that the most important investment is in yourself, to get that love for you, every side of you.

If you don’t love yourself, it’s probably not that good to be loved by you, like you don’t love yourself.