A hoplophile! – Someone with an irrational love of, or fetish for, weaponry (especially firearms). From the Greek ” hoplon” meaning armaments, and “philia” meaning love or intense friendship. (Yeah, I am very nerdy about the origin of words), and that’s what I am, a hoplophile! So, I often dream about moving to New York or Cali to make some intense friendships with a lot of big guns 😉 !

Where did my love for weapons start? Probably from The Superhero American comics I love. And the post modern action comedy and gangster movies by Tarantino, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese and similar instructors, combined with my early love for hardcore US Rap, and fantasies about bad American men with ski masks, guns or rifles (maybe because of the rap, and because the fetish started with American stuff, so that would be the “real” accent for these fantasies to be complete. And I got a “fetish” for American too, like an Anglophile admires England, its people, and its culture. But I don’t think I would be interested in an American, who’s not a good shooter. He most be REAL Wild West, unless his is the type of guy I could fall in love with. So which one of  the fetishes I got first.. is a good question.

Oh, yes, I have fantasized a lot about sucking bad men’s guns like it was their cocks (big ones of course) with the most dangerous load you can get, blasted into your mouth, if they turned evil on you (No, I don’t want to die), and getting threatened to do sexual things, even get them stucked up my pussy, alternately dick and gun slapped (gentle), and my ultimate hoplophile fantasy; Getting tied to a tree with a apple on my head, getting shot (the apple, not my head of course), which I made a Spoken Word track about in Danish called “Den Ting” (That Thing) you can hear here on my Soundclound, with other of my tracks I do live shows to here But I’m not sure it’s a fantasy I really wanna outlive, that would take ultimate trust to the shooters skills and character (with a man being bad I DO NOT mean like a psycho, just very dirty).

Blood Rush Ball, Live Show-pic by Jørgen J.J. Heriksen, “Den Ting”-performance.


There is just something about a big man with a big gun, and my favorite Bad Boy through time is Mr. Desert Eagle, I make some hot love with in my first solo video on ELVIRAFRIIS.DK.

I love to feel the cold hard steel against my clitoris, and rub it till I moan and come. So untill I might get the chance for real gunplay, or I get invited on a shooting-date Shooting clay pigeons, cans, whatever – or I start hunting, which would be very satisfying too (wink wink date-tip), I will get my private kind of pistol-satisfaction like that.


Go directly to my Desert Eagle masturbation scene via. the link below the pictures from it

Photography By Doc Jones



Kitty T


PS. True to my first hoplohile fantasies, the scene begins with a west-coast inspired instrumental, I really love. ELVIRAFRIIS.DK is not only porn, IT’S PORNOGRAPHIC MOVIE ART, with all types of ladies. And I’m so very proud to work with Elvira and her crew, who I’m always having a good and funny time working with. Love you Guys!

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