Modelling for Fred Kyrel. From Platform Stage to The Catwalk in pictures

At this years Manifest Fetish Fashion Party, in Copenhagen (where I live) in Denmark, I had the pleasure and honor to model for Fashion Shabiri Stylist & Photographer Fred Kyrel.

To look in Fred Kyrel’s catalogue is to look in  an art-book you can get lost in for hours (check it out here: and I’m totally amazed by his work and became a big fan at first sight (Nicki Minaj knows, she’s in it).

Fred Kyrel usually upload video’s from his shows, but since Manifest Fetish Fashion Party is also a BDSM-play and sex party the video had to vanish from the internet after it was uploaded for the sake of the guests anonymity.

But thanks to Pao T’Pao photographer skillz I can share my part of the show here.




Credit to Photographer Pao T’Pao



XOXO Kitty T

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