#MeToo Misandry or Misogyny

Someone who hates, dislikes or is prejudiced against women, are by definition a misogynist, most will think it’s a male by definition. But after the Trump election tweets show how also Female Misogynists & Women-for-misogyny-Trump supporters exists and on the radical left wing feminism quickly turns into misandry, or is it sometimes misogyny in disguise? In psychology it is said that misogynists are usually unaware that their bias against women exists, which probably makes their misogyny grow. It also means that you rarely get a peek at what makes them tick.

The standard reasons to why someone becomes a misogynist: Mommy Issues, not meeting emotional needs of their child/too serving/controlling/shaming, abusive, addicts, several or all these things at the same time. Frustrated by the narrow definitions of what masculinity and femininity are, feeling like no matter what they do, and no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be good enough to girls/women/mom or at being a boy/ man/like a man, mistrusting women who conform to cultural expectations, looked down at by the misogynist, and those women who challenge the same expectation, sexual frustration and years of embarrassing rejections from a young age and not dealing with it in a positive way. Having a father or other role-model who deliberately discriminates against women will only further support misogynistic beliefs and jokes, and that not many females seem to share even a portion of their interests.

A bad broken male can also appear as a feminist, obsessed about doing what is right on the surface/seem like a savior with a broken bad girlfriend/wife/ lover who will feel a big need for him. She might fear to seem like a vain woman/bimbo/cheap/a whore/ stupid or she will desperate try to look seductive at all times, to keep her man as her protector with a lot of men ready to take his place, and a lot of men looking down at women, will try or want her to change for him, or want her to look like a trophy for them, and still be disrespectful. You can’t win when the issues’s there with the ones involved. And everyone can be a misogynist.. or a misandrist.. gay, a transvestite, transsexual, queer, etc. . Who and what came first the chicken or the egg, The Father or The Mother Issues?





Now that I have researched this topic a lot, since it has been a very personal problem of mine for so long, it makes me more sad than angry, now that I understand the reasons why misogyny and misandry will probably always exist, because of the same reasons.

The pretty girls in school is put on a “Hot List” , the school’s “Best Ass List” and so on in a young age– something boys tell us we should be proud of, and other girls hates us for, some of them experience the dark side of getting in bigger sexual interest later in life. Her behind is grabbed in public, she gets invited into strangers cars and can’t even rely on the taxi drivers to behave, you are yelled at more in the night.  If you’re a virgin your cherry is a Big Bad Boy-price to have won i the schoolyard, they will brag about if they get you alone drunk enough. You might be ashamed to be a virgin/afraid to die a virgin. Boys and girls talk. Now you lost it to a Bad Boy who took advantage of you helpless and scared, but you wasn’t “really raped” so there’s no one to talk to, you think it was your fault and the cherry popper tells all the other boys,  you’re a slut now. Maybe you got pregnant, and a venereal disease too. You are trying to escape reality after all of this at others parties drunk, looking for love and it happens again, and it can go on for years. All you want is love, and all you get is used, sexual assaulted, sexual harassment, bullying, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation caused by abuses stemming from what can only be described as misogyny, and you might end up with a sexist boyfriend who makes it all worse because of your self-hatred and dark past, used everyday and not able to see things clear. With time you turn wicked, out for revenge on the opposite sex.

I met grown up men which self-esteem still mainly remains on how many babes and beautiful women they can fuck/shows interest in them, not really caring about who they are, it never ends.




Now the anger from these kind of issues is my power as well as my pain, I won’t tolerate anymore of these things. And the more personal freedom I get and take, the better I feel, and I never been more free and happy, but I know that I’m moving in fields of grey between all the beautiful stunning colors, I now got in my sometimes controversial life. Hurray for what social media can do. But even the #MeToo-social media trend can lead to more misogyny/misandry and misanthropy, if us, females, victimizes our-self too much.. but yes #MeToo

We must look at the whole picture, talk to the youth in school and educate them about these problems, what sex with consent and communication vs. rape culture is, problems with drunk sex and drug rape without shaming the boys like bad by nature. Many youngsters will watch porn too young, be insecure boys and try to live up to macho stereotypes and many girls will be afraid to say no. Are we someone they can talk to?



And sisters remember this






.. and we should talk about what the terms feminine and masculine really means,

without separating them to the sexes






Skriv et svar