Meet Domina Dark & I (celebrating sexual diversity)

This Saturday I will perform a show, with my spoken word, a whip and other suprices to the witch house beats by Noah Cane, at the new fetish event and BDSM sex-party in Copenhagen BloodRushBall, celebrating sexual diversity at the nightclub Monastic. My Bear Hon Dragqueen and lovely friend Jaxie Bearcunt, I have performed with too, will perform as well. Don’t miss out! It will be a night to remember, where every sexual orientation is free to party in self expression and lust fulfillment. One of the party’s organizers is Lillan De Thura aka. Domina Dark, with whom you can see me with, in my first movie in Danish Porn, as her assistent, dominating The Danish Porn Legend: Porno-Lasse, on EROMAXXX.DK. I feel very lucky that my first appearance is with these two highly professional and great people, being a kiddo and youngster.

I first meet Lillan at a photo shoot last summer. After our photos was released on the social media platforms, we found out that a lot of people would like to see us together some more. It might be me looking like a trainee or student of hers. Or could it be the contrast between us, and the thought of mother and daughter fantasies, maybe. Anyway, last autumn we did a reportage together, at Erotic World, in Valby, in Danemark, with her dog-slave and me as her assistant, which was great fun, and the outcome, which you can watch here, got some popularity on Youtube as well. That day at Erotic World we met Porno Lasse outside the cafeteria, with a young journalist who was following him for a big portrait on him, for the danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. While we were talking, Lasse told us, that he would like to be in a movie with us, as a submissive slave.  We came to an date for a movie with, who would love us all to make a movie together. The young journalist who was a real nice guy, interviewed us all at the setting where we shot the movie, and in the portrait of Porno-Lasse, where there pictures from our movie too.

You can see the full reportage from Erotic World at EROMAXXX.DK  (without Lasse), where we met him. Or the short version here:


 You will go directly to the movie in the link below the next pics.


And here you have some released and unreleased photos from our first meeting and shoot. Photographed by Peter Hausner Hansen.


The last day of spring and first day of summer, with the sun and wind in our hair. The jacuzzi is outdoor as well.

And a sassy baptizing of a younger woman into the life as a dominatrix?



XOXO Kitty T



And remember to get tickets for the BloodRushBall come see me perform wickedly.

And meet Domina Dark in person. I dare you!

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