Kitty Tenebris & Pernille Andersson – Photo Series

Back in October last year, The Wonderful Transvestite/Cross Dresser Model, Pernille Andersson, (the best in Denmark if you ask me) and I was at a photo shoot with the amazing woman and photographer Heidi Sinnet, who boss lady runs Stylize Photography.

I met Pernille Andersson for the first time at a photo shoot for last summer, and later we met again at a video shoot, shooting a promo video for the Blue Eden Party, where I also performed with my spoken word. The track with vocals by with the very talented and seductive Maria Donna from We Do Madonna, was suppost to introduce the Incredible Joy Event concept and dress code. I think the video does that pretty well. Unfortunately a lot of things went wrong with the shoot, and all the material with Pernille Andersson got lost.



But then we met again at the last Manifest Fetish Club: Fashion Party, where I was modelling for Fred Kyrel, and I asked if she was game on doing a photo shoot together, and I she was. We talked about different photographers we worked with before. Id already seen her in a very beautiful, edgy, stylish and glamourous Photo Series by Heidi Sinnet before, so she was on our photographer wishlist from the start, and she became the first to get us together out of the few photographers we contacted (I guees me and Pernille is equally snobbish and selectively picky when it comes to photographers).



Pernille Andersson is mostly known for her sassy, smiling and playful look, while I’m most know for my cold  Ice-queen look, distant doll, or evil cat appearance. So the poor Pernille had a hard time not laughing and smiling big in the pictures where we are posing together, and so had I since she is so kind and funny to be around.


I was actually having a very bad hang over after a night at Sankt Pauli Bar, with one of my girls I haven’t seen for a long time, and a friend behind the bar who was a very generous devil to lead us into the temptation of way more left rad beers and red hot Mexicana shots, than a girl, who is suppost to stand up in different positions on stilettos for hours next morning, should be drinking. But I think I got away with it pretty well, though.



Both Pernille and I loooves leather, so we had both taken a lot of our leather wear with us, skirts, dresses, corsages. But I have to tell you that Pernille has a way bigger collection than me, wich I envy very much. Maybe I’ll have as impressing collection one day, I hope so. I borrowed the belt Im wearing from her collection on the shoot.


Besides from gloves, shoes and stocking, we also had our favorite whips with us..




.. and I had this very cute Heart-Palette knife with me too, which is very good for spanking and making me feel like The Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I even love to use it for spanking myself between my legs, when I’m in that mood.



We were also very lucky that this vintage sofa were in the studio for free use when we got there.



We had a very nice time together all three of us, and both Pernille Anderson and Heidi Sinnet are easy, lovely and great to work with.



But I got a hard time when we went outside for the outdoor part of the shoot, keeping the balance on my Pleasers (pole dance stilettos), still in my bad hang over, on wet grass and muddy soil. But then Pernille learned me the magic trick, on how too walk in very high heels outside on unstable ground. Thank you Hon’! The magic trick I’ll keep a secret.




XOXO Kitty T



Thank you, Pernille and Heidi, for a great day in October.




You can visit Heidi Sinnet’s website via the link below


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