Innocent Moments In White. Photo Series by Lotte Botteleth

It’s always a true pleasure to work with Lotte Botteleth and I’m always totally impressed by what we create. But this photo series is something really special to me.

In most societies nudity is restricted, and clothing serves as a significant part of interpersonal communication, expectations and so on anywhere on the planet. Depictions of the naked body is often used in symbolic ways, as an extended metaphor for complex and multifaceted concepts. In Western societies, the contexts of a naked body that are easily recognized are artpornography, and information or science.  Nudity in art – painting, sculpture and more recently photography – generally reflects the social standards of the time in aesthetics and modesty/morality.

Both male and female nude depictions were common in antiquity, like the artwork of Ancient Greek sculptures, where the frequent subjects are the battles, mythology, and rulers of the area historically known as Ancient Greece.

As kids, we are fast learning, that it is naughty and inappropriate to show off our genitals, and the genitals are for peeing, plus sex when you are an adult. In art a naked man will not be considered erotic or pornographic unless he got a swollen member. A naked woman will mostly be considered erotic, pornographic or sexually daring, as soon as her vulva is visible, though there is no indication that she is sexually aroused or interested in sex. I have never personally seen a woman’s vulva on a ancient Greek sculpture in real life or on the internet, so already way back then the female sex is obviously shamed on compered to men.

With these photos, I really think Lotte Botteleth and I, have been able to create photo art that shows a naked woman with her vulva exposed, in a very beautiful, graceful, symbolic and dreamy way, but also with the spirit of a naughty innocent child, pulling up her dress, while I felt half modern, half timeless. And that is exactly what made this photo series extra special to me. It is topics and an energy that means a lot to me to express, and is also very important. A sex-bomb riot is not enough for women to be free, though the right to and joy in being a sexual creature with rights, needs and demands is very important to be expressed too. The fact that even a naked woman in art – painting needs censorship on Facebook, and the free nipple campaign and rage over how the female nipple can’t be shown on either Facebook or Intergram, Cinema Posters ect. shows how the modern woman in Western Society, is told from above, that she is doing something forbidden, slutty or controversial, by being half or completely naked, and “half a crime” with censorship. Today a vulva exposed, is still the cross over to be a “Bad Girl”/”Nasty Woman”. SO I really love the tittle “Innocent Moments In White”, Lotte Botteleth came up with at her website, and her childish-cute symbolic censorship-hearts with a hidden message, with love.. and hope for our liberation in the pussy riot.

We actually didn’t even plan this shoot. We where just improvising and playing around with random clothes, that Lotte got in her studio, after we shot  the Magnificent Days Series




Best Wishes

Kitty Tenebris


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