CAT CAUGHT – When I’m A Pet

A highly independent creature, cunning, curious, and mysterious is the spirit of the cat, often with an attention-seeking behavior and a excessive vocalization. Cats sometimes are shy and fearful, and may express aggression around people. This is often a result of lack of socialization, especially when cats are young. Cats relate to humans differently from dogs, spending some time on their own each day as well as time with humans, and very picky. Cats have a strong “escape” instinct. And mistakenly often thought as not loyal to anybody else than them self (very false claim). How can the cat be a perfect pet some will ask? Several studies have shown that cats develop affection towards their owners. However, the effect of these pets on human health is closely related to the time and effort the cat owner is able to invest in it, in terms of bonding and playing. The Cat is my Spirit Animal. And I’m just like that. The following photos are from the last series in Darkromm No.1 (where I work as a dominatrix “playing with my preys” ( by Heidi Sinnet (stylize photography). These series is a part of a project by Heidi Sinnet portraying people who lives differently, and I am very proud and happy to be a part of that.

This part of The Darkroom-Series is to show my submissive part of my sexuality and womanhood for the right one. Since I’m switchy, just like a cat. No matter how much I can become a pet, I will always be ready to strike, bite and pull my claws out if I get provoked too.

Being my owner, is trusting my loyalty, being the one who feeds me, provides me protective safety, true love, and gives me the freedom I need. Always showing me affection, loyalty, faithfulness and respect. Treats me like a Queen and shows me he is My King. And I will be an all cute, loyal, faithful, playful, submissive Mini Panther to him and for him only, who won’t run away.




Some men can catch a Catwoman,

only few can have her as their pet and partner in crime,

for her to stay.



Kitty T




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