You have things you want to do, say, take action on, share…. but you’re scared to shit about how it’ll be received by others. Know the issue? I bet we all do. The neediness to fit in, the basic psychological needs, to be heard and seen, to gain validation and approval, the topic of authenticity….Living YOUR truth. For most people it seems that there is a whole lot of fear and worry around what other people will think of you, REAL BIG social anxiety! I don’t think we realize how much our desperation truly shows in the desire to have approval and acceptance from others. When I got my first role in danish pornography, my old anxiety almost won and held me back (and I am not even naked). BUT I WON AND HERE I AM, performing every accept of me that I want to, with my poetic and pornographic projects as totally equals, letting the shine of my bright side consciousness into my shadow to make my light and dark balance and dance together while leading me, learning from The Best – Prof Dominatrixes, Porn Actresses/Actors, Producers, Photographers, Artists, Crossdressers, Transvestites, Drag Queens and Business Men. And not to mention always getting by with a little help from my friends, the best of the best, who supports me in all that I do, without suggesting Im crazy or telling me that Ill never find a good man to marry, showing my self naked in every way like this (like a partner should be a top priority in my life).

Especially gay men, transvestites and drag queens truly helped breaking free from social anxiety, and how to rock high heels and do better make up. Last month I was performing with my darling Jaxie Bearcunt at Draghouse, in Vega, in Copenhagen. A TV crew was with us backstage to film material for a upcoming documentary on drag for danish television, and at one point, Jaxie explained what drags and strippers got i common. They get prejudiced A LOT and very often! Maybe therefor Im so relaxed and free among drags and transvestites, as much as with my colleges from the porn industry and my friends. Together we dont have to worry that our humor will offend or that people want us to explain ourselves in an ignorant way. Together we are stronger. “Freaks” by choice and nature most stand together. Strippers, Adult Performers/Models and Sex Workers pretty much gets in the same box by a lot of people; The box of whores who should leave their life in sin. But we wont, we want rights to work, perform safe and live how we want legally.

We do so many things unconsciously for the sake of wanting to feel like we belong somewhere and are ENOUGH that, when we escape that desperation to fit in and be loved as an guarantee, who the f*ck are we?

I’m a wild woman and a writing artist performing wild things, with a dirty mouth but good behavior most of the time (if you act nice to me I’ll be nice to you too, I am a civilized cat) and I often choice my battles for my own sake, but don’t get to far with me.

I got the mentality and flexibility of an outlaw with a higher moral compass, accepting grey areas, a businesswoman and a soldier with strong personal ethics, code of conduct and expectations for my business partners and demands to those who stand close to me: honesty, love, loyalty and respect, and I will give that back in return.



In a relationship I’m monogamous and committed, even if I’m sexual on stage, pictures or in a movie, fucked or fucking someone with a trap-on for art/business ect. I have no interest in men/women who’s in a relationship poly (polyamorous) or not poly, I’m not into one night stands or players. I had my share of BS and too emotionally complicated and unpleasant affairs.

I’m an individualist and freethinker deeply devoted to positive change, social liberation, equality & freedom for ALL beings, and a believer in the laws of the universe and nature; “Cause & Effect” (aka Karma), peace, love & unity.
I will be helping others break free & break through so that they can live THEIR truth, sometimes simply by living mine, standing up it, speaking for it.
I’m strong willed and proud, but always open to do the work to expand myself (and to admit when I fail, fear or fall, to get back up (lucky for me since I am a cat, I always land on my feet, no matter how hard).  I’m forever a student and a teacher.

I love deep conversations and connections that give me goosebumps with ease and new insights,  leaving me thinking on them for days.

When I’m hurt or damaged I will heal and rebuild. I will take a psychological beating like a physical beating, and I might cry. But I will accept the pain afterwards till it’s over, not doing anything too stupid right after, like the last time I fell real hard, and ended up  in a evil spiral of too much hashish, alcohol, Ritalin and cocaine.

I’m breaking free of all of it, especially all my old destructive patterns.

.. and yes, everybody can do it, but you have to make the choice for good, waving bye bye to all the old shit not looking back to much.

Since my life has been so fucked up, I can make it greater, course my normality concept was screwed up early. And you know what Demigodz says? “The Godz must be crazier”.. or should we call them Eccentric & Powerful.

Be devine and become a Demigod, by breaking free from every  chain of resistance, and just do it like Nike, it just takes time.. Patience, honor and willpower is a key to many doors of success and happiness, you shall be careful not to loose if you don’t want live a life stuck in shit.


XOXO Kitty T



PS. here is my pussy up close..

/me not being ashamed of the multifaceted woman I am. I don’t want to filter out parts of me – you get the whole thing because that is my way of practicing what I preach, by living in my truth and share it with the world..  sharing MY WHOLENESS..

you might suddenly see my asshole too..

“I showed you mine, now you show me yours”.. YOUR TRUTH.. who are you truly? How do you break free?


Photography by Jørgen J. J. Henriksen (J3H-Foto)



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