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Trapped In A (Gender) Box?

Gender issues results in negative consequences in all aspects and concerns related to women’s and men’s lives and situation in society, activities, sex life, the way they interrelate and how they react to changes, interventionsContinue reading

Knife-play Kitty (XXX-material)

This month, this little wild thing of mine, a solo knife-play porn scene in dirty danish, filmed at my place on Vesterbro, Copenhagen, with my favorite knife, my golden! – has been released on theContinue reading

Animal Charmers

Tame and train yourself without losing the force of your wild nature as will power, and never let others learn you to play their tricks to play you – Is just one of my many mottoes.Continue reading

A Little Early XXX-mas Gift

Just found this cute black and white vintage-style photo-series in one of my little black wet-looks, added today’s accessories and postmodernism, I would like to share with my dear followers and supporters. You don’t knowContinue reading

CAT CAUGHT – When I’m A Pet

A highly independent creature, cunning, curious, and mysterious is the spirit of the cat, often with an attention-seeking behavior and a excessive vocalization. Cats sometimes are shy and fearful, and may express aggression around people.Continue reading