I've started out with performing spoken word shows in 2013, sometimes combined with burlesque striptease (with my nipples and crotch covered by sequins).

I have worked as a model and performance artist, especially in sexual subcultures, since 2015. In 2017 I got a profile at the danish porn and nude girls website elvirafriis.dk.

I've been creative and writing, with a taste for danger, glamour and provocation since childhood. I have loved to dress up, and do shows combined with acting for just as long.

I moved to Copenhagen as a danish small town girl in 2009, and began reading my own poems at stage in underground poetry clubs. Later i began writing lyrics.

The T in Kitty Tenebris, is for tenebris (darkness in latin), since I mainly find my inspiration in the dark sides of life, exploring life like a cat in the night, and in the world of BDSM and fetishism. I identify myself as a sadomasochistic switch, and have played both roles as a model as well as in private. Expressing and discovering the different sides of me, keeps on developing me.

Feel to contact me for information about shows, performance and model jobs, or just to say hi.


You can check out preview music for my shows and projects here www.soundclound.com/kitty-tenebris